The Weidenfeld Fund

The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP
The Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 0AA

5th May 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

Following your Government’s principled decision to accept unaccompanied children, the Weidenfeld Fund would like to offer a financial contribution towards the costs of those amongst them from the Christian minorities in the Middle East, in memory of the late Lord Weidenfeld.

Lord Weidenfeld responded to the refugee crisis last year by setting up and funding the Weidenfeld Fund, for members of the Jewish community, and others, to help endangered Christians in the Middle East. He did this in part as a debt of gratitude to the Christian Family who provided him with a home and helped find him a job at the BBC when he arrived in London in 1938 as a refugee from Nazi occupied Vienna. This family also helped save his parents from almost certain death in Auschwitz by sponsoring their visa to follow him to London.

The Weidenfeld Fund is supported by prominent members of the Jewish community, as well as other donors, and during the past 12 months we have been helping Christians find places of safety in European countries.

It is our strong hope that the Fund’s contribution will demonstrate leadership and spur on others to make their own practical and financial contribution towards this effort.

Finally we should like to express our deep gratitude to your Government. Lord Weidenfeld would have approved wholeheartedly of this significant and compassionate act.

Yours sincerely,

The Rt. Hon. the Lord Woolf CH

Mr Martin Green